Isocapnic Breathe Way Better Respiratory Training System

The Isocapnic Breathe Way Better is a training tool engineered to help develop and strengthen the respiratory system.

How it works?

  • Hardware

    The Isocapnic Breathe Way allows you to breathe as hard and fast as you want, without feeling faint or otherwise pushing your oxygen - CO2 balance outside of their normal range. This way your respiratory system can be effectively challenged in its full range of motion to help you build more capacity and strength.  By recapturing a portion of your exhaled CO2 and rebreathing it with a small amount of fresh air, you can continue to breathe harder and faster than you ever could before, while keeping you safe. 

  • The App  

    The Isocapnic: Breathe Way Better app and web page are designed to deliver all the resources you need to make the best use of the hardware. Giving you an exercise specific metronome and will deliver on the promise of workouts, training programs, personal logs, third party integration like Strava or TrainingPeaks, biofeedback, as well as relevant educational materials to help further your understanding of just how useful and important your respiratory system is to performance, health and wellness. 

  • Curation of knowledge

    There has been so much discovered about the respiratory system that has not been widely shared with the public. Ideas like the value of the Yoga breath, Whim Hoff breathing, etc., are only just scratching the surface of this life and energy giving system we all possess. We aim to curate this knowledge in an ongoing conversation about the respiratory system, effectively delivered with integrity and positivity.