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Isocapnic Technologies Inc



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The worlds first easy to use CO2 controlling respiratory training device. Isolate your respiratory system and train it in a focused and safe way. Build the ability to breathe faster, bigger, and more efficient. Increase your endurance and steady state strength. Find more information at our website at

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Breathe Way Better device:

Mouthpeice: Silicone

Rebreather Bag: Nitrile

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24cm x 14cm x 6cm


Care Instructions

Before first use:

1. Place all part in a bowl and pour boiling water on all parts

2. Let sit and soak for >2 minutes

3. Drain, dry and you are ready to go.

After each use:

1. Rinse all parts with clean water

2. Spay all parts with anticeptic mouthwash solution (3:1, water to mouthwash)

3. Let sit and soak for >2 minutes

4. Rinse, drain, and dry

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