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CONTEC SP70B Handheld Digital Spirometer

CONTEC SP70B Handheld Digital Spirometer

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SPIROMETER is a hand-held equipment for checking lung conditions, it adopts the infrared mode for measuring relative items, and is applicable for hospital, clinic, family for routine test.


Parameters including FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC and PEF can be measured.

Personal information setup, including height, age, gender, etc.

Health status indication.

Bluetooth transmission.

Data memory and case review function.

Low battery indication.

Real-time clock display and setup.

Automatic power off function.

Mass storage device, stores up to 9999 cases.


Volume range: 0~10 L

Flow rate range: 0 L/s~16 L/s

Volume accuracy: ±3  or 0.05 L (whichever is greater)

Flow rate accuracy: ±5  or 0.2 L/s (whichever is greater)

Safety classification: internally powered equipment, type BF applied part

Working current: 80 mA

Power supply: two AAA batteries


1)A User Manual (GB only)on request for other Language

2)A mouthpiece (disposable)


Physical characteristic

Dimension: 138 mm(L)×63 mm(W)×47 mm(H)

Weight: 130g (with batteries)


Breathe Way Better device:

Mouthpeice: Silicone

Rebreather Bag: Nitrile

Shipping & Returns

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If the factory seal is broken onthe box, there is no refunds or returns.


24cm x 14cm x 6cm


Care Instructions

Before first use:

1. Place all part in a bowl and pour boiling water on all parts

2. Let sit and soak for >2 minutes

3. Drain, dry and you are ready to go.

After each use:

1. Rinse all parts with clean water

2. Spay all parts with anticeptic mouthwash solution (3:1, water to mouthwash)

3. Let sit and soak for >2 minutes

4. Rinse, drain, and dry

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